To make Shipyard Training School (STS) a leading institution in this region, thus contributing positively towards skill development of Pakistan Human Resource in line with the National Skilled Human Resource policy.


The mission of Shipyard Training School is to help and make an available resource that will teach, demonstrate, and emancipate National Human Resource to know their identity, pursue their destiny, and transform their community.


      • STS was established in 1957 as Apprentice Training School for marine engineering apprenticeship (4 years) courses.
      • In 1994 Sindh Board of Technical Education (SBTE) approved technical courses to be conducted in different trades and thus, became Technical Training Centre (TTC).
      • The Institute was renamed as Shipyard Institute of Technology (SIT) after affiliation with SBTE in 2004 for 3 years Diploma of Associate Engineer (DAE) and short courses in electrical, mechanical and ship construction technologies etc.
      • Further, it is prudent to highlight that in 2007 being in the capacity of SIT conducted technical training in collaboration with NAVTTC in the field of various technical trades which is still going on.
      • In 2017, the institute was renamed as Shipyard Training School (STS) after inauguration of new school building having optimal training facilities.
      • The institute has so far trained more than 25,000 individuals in different trades. Further, the STS has enhanced their scope of training which includes following:


  • Paid Internship Program for 06 months for fresh graduates in different faculties (ad)
  • Management Trainee Officers (MTO) and Supervisors (MTS) Training Program for 12 months
  • 06 months Commercial Courses affiliated with STEVTA
  • 06 months technical training programs in various trades in collaboration and sponsored by NAVTTC
  • In-House Training facility in various trades for KSEW employees
  • IOSH / HSE Training for KSEW employees
  • DAE in Ship Construction Technology affiliated with SBTE
  • General (unpaid) Internship for under-graduates and graduates


  • Commercial Courses affiliated with STEVTA for 06 months
    General Electrician
    Diesel Mechanic
    Turner / Machinist
  • NAVTTC Courses for 06 months
    Ship Steel Fabrication
    Ship Diesel Mechanic
    Overhead Crane Operator
    Rigger On Ship
    Moulding & Casting
    Boiler Maker
    Electric Arc Welding
  • In-House Training Courses (for KSEW employees)
    HSE Safety
    First Aid
    Electric Welding
    Overhead Crane Operator
    Khallasi (Rigger)
    Fire Fighting
    Steel Fabrication
    Gas Cutting


KSEW is the only Ship Building Industry along with Ship Repair and General Engineering works in Pakistan. STS provides optimal facilities w.r.t technical training of Officers, Supervisors and Workers cadre. STS also plays a significant role enabling freshgraduates and under-graduates for skill development program through paid and unpaid internship opportunities to enhance their abilities in various trades respectively, which ultimately fulfil the desire of KSEW.

STS has introduced National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) which is governed by Prime Minister Youth Skilled Development Program (PMYSDP) in line with the nation     0063nal objective to obviate unemployment ratio and make the country prospers as well as to fulfill the requirement of skilled workforce as desired by KSEW.

Sindh Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (STEVTA) administrated by the Government of Sindh in collaboration with Shipyard Training School (STS) which provides the opportunity to inspire the confidence of technical workforce to be a skilled worker in order to give a boost to the technical industry.

STS has launched DAE in Ship Construction technology which is affiliated with Sindh Board of Technical Education. The prime objective is to address the need in Ship Building industry through enhanced technical education.