Ship Repair

Modern, well planned facilities and services exist in KS&EW to undertake above and underwater repair.

We have a comprehensive setup for repairing, rebuilding and overhauling of naval and commercial vessels with high quality and safety standards. We provide integral services through a highly qualified workforce with wide experience. KS&EW is well equipped with docks, cranes, as well as the best tools and machinery to undertake above and underwater repairs

Over 5000 vessels of national and international origin have been repaired so far. We regularly undertake steel renewal, major structure repairs, machinery overhauls and underwater repairs for Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Maritime Security Agency, Karachi Port Trust, Port Qasim Authority and a number of foreign clients.


For under water repairs major infrastructure includes:



Dock 1

Dock 2


Graving Dock

Graving Dock


26,000 DWT

18,000 DWT

Overall Length

189 m

171 m

Inner width between walls

27 m

24 m


30 & 10 Tons

15 & 10 Tons




For above water repairs quay walls with a total length of 665 meters are available served with two luffing cranes and allied facilities.KS&EW carried out emergency repairs on a 250,000 TDW vessel at outer anchourage as the vessel, because of its size, could not enter Karachi Harbour. Similarly any alteration / conversion on hull / super structure can be undertaken. For Marine Boilers, Insulation, Lagging, Flooring & Brick Work can be carried out at the yard.

Facilities also exist for repairs of Steam and Motor Vessels both Main and Auxiliary Machinery and all types of Marine and Stationary Boilers.