Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works Ltd. ( IMS Certified )

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Heavy Duty Horizontal Metal Planner Hydraulic Shaping Machine     Element Air Filter & Oil Filter     ELECTRONIC CARD     Mobile Crane     Oil Cooler     Misc. Gas Cutting & Heating Items / Accessories     Copper Clad Pointer ARC Gouging Rods     Partal Wood Planks     Profile IPE 300     INVITATION TO BID     M.S Pipes     Refrigerated Air Dryer     Top Block of 1.5 M Ton Induction Furnace     Desktop Computers & Laser Jet Network Printers     Low Profile Hydraulic Jacks (Heavy Duty)     Desktop Computers, Laser Jet Black Printers & Line Interactive UPS     Portable Welding Ovens     KS&EW Order No. CW-9111     Towing unit     Old/expired water contaminated oil (only OGRA license holding firms may participate)     BER asset items & miscellaneous scrap items     INVITATION OF BIDS FOR SURFACE PREPARATION AND PRESERVATION OF LEVEL LUFFING CRANE (LLC) NO.4     Cutting Discs     Grinding Discs     Profile Rectangular Tube     Chain Block (20 Ton)     Misc. Electrical Items     INVITATION TO BID     I/O PANEL REPLACEMENT KIT     INVITATION TO BID     PREE QUALIFICATION OF SUPPLIES, FIRMS, SUPER STORE / MARKETS FOR PROVISION OF DRY, FRESH AND TINED PROVISIONS FOR KS&EW CANTEENS     Steel Grit     Copper Slag Abrasive (Grit)     Air Compressor & Refrigerated Air Dryer     Attendance Machine Face, Finger Print & Cards     Misc. Steel Material     Plate Shearing Machine     High Speed Steel Guide Reamer     MISCELLANEOUS ELECTRICAL ITEMS     FILTERS FOR COMPRESSOR     FILTERS FOR HOLMEN COPMRESSOR     FLEXIBLE HOSE PIPE     PCB CARD OF RKM-450     CO2 Fire Extinguisher (05 Kg)     Industrial Dehumidifiers     G.I Pipes for Scaffolding     Power Bending 3100 x 100 Ton Press Brake     


KS&EW is the only shipbuilding company in Pakistan. It has built numerous cargo ships tugboats, support vessels, naval vessels and submarines.

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Modern and well planned facilities and services exist in KS&EW to undertake above and underwater repairs.

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KS&EW is the leader in the fields of Sugar Plants, Cement Plants, Oil and Gas Refineries, LPG Tanks, Barrage Gates and Overhead Cranes.

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The mission of Shipyard Training School is to help and make an available resource that will teach, demonstrate, and emancipate National Human Resource to know their identity, pursue their destiny, and transform their community.

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KS&EW has undertaken the responsibility of construction of 04x Hangor Class Submarines in collaboration with China. We being a qualified submarine constructor with most modernized state-of-the-art facility

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A well equipped in-house laboratory is available to carry out all types of chemical, physical and mechanical testing of metals, minerals, ores etc, with accuracy, reliability and customer’s satisfaction in accordance to the BS, ASTM and JIS methods or to any other classification rules as required by the customers.

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